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Beginning of Juno's Journey

This is a time travel journey of Juno, she is a young girl and always thought of achieving big things and she had the willpower to make her dreams into a reality, one fine day she starts her journey with her curvy little magic bicycle to explore the world and help people who she meets along the way. As she rode her bike on roof tops, all of a sudden she sleds from the roof into a fantasyland, and soon as she found her footing she realized that she is a grown woman and no longer a girl. A timeless travel.

Queen in the Desert 🏜

Sonoran Desert, one that receives more rainfall than any other deserts,

the Saguaro cacti grows extremely large which has a lot of benefits, there lived an independent Queen named Juno and her pet Aegeus. Queen Juno is responsible to take care of people within her territory and shares joy and happiness even during difficult times. Every night, Queen Juno goes to her secret spot in the desert to extract resin like substance that gives her super natural powers to spread the positivity and happiness that vibes across the country. This resin like substance hides during the day and they can only be found after sunset. Since there are many dangers that lurks at nights, her pet 'Aegeus' always accompanies her to protect the queen with its own super natural abilities, however, there is a catch to it, Aegeus can’t use its power without the Queen Juno’s touch.

This is a tale of a golden butterfly chased by Jupiter

Every morning, Jupiter the king of Gods comes out from his invisible palace in the middle of Senoran desert. The Golden butterfly the rarest of the rare species of this desert, it is only found once every hundred years. It is widely believed that whoever catches this butterfly will inherit the power to predict the future, and the king wanted it for himself, therefore, he goes out for a walk before sunrise with a hope to catch the Golden butterfly someday. But, there is a catch, the window of opportunity is really short, the king has only three minutes during the sunrise before the butterfly sits on the cactus and transforms into a flower.

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